7 Common Types of Addiction

7 Common Types of Addiction

Addiction is a compulsive pattern of behaviors that negatively affect an individual. To most people, addiction is when an individual indulges in substance abuse such as drugs, alcohol, etc. However, there many forms of addictions ranging from substance abuse, porn, gambling, sex, work, electronic gadgets amongst others.

What’s worrying is that the problem of addiction in Australia is on the rise. According to the Australia Institute Of Health And Welfare 2015-16 survey, 16% or 3.1 million Australians aged 14 and older abusing drugs. However, that is only one form of addiction. There many addictions such as porn that data accuracy is hard to get. In fact, some people may not know that they are already an addiction to certain things. In this guide, we are going to look at the common types of addictions:

Here are the 7 common addictions in Australia:

1.     Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol is a legal substance that millions of people across the world takes every day. However, you can easily get addicted it you drink too much and frequently. Alcoholism is one of the well-known forms of alcohol addiction. Individuals struggling alcoholism develop a psychological and physical dependence on alcohol and a strong urge to keep drinking. It becomes hard to stop drinking. Fortunately, alcohol addiction is curable using medication and proper rehabilitation. Seek help from a medical professional if you are drinking more than 14 units of alcohol in a week. If not addicted, avoid binge drinking.

2.     Internet Addiction

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You cannot define the addiction to electronic gadgets or the internet with a single pattern of behavior. However, you can confirm the addiction when the compulsive use of these platforms become unmanageable.  If the use of the internet, especially social media, gets to a point where it interferes with your daily routine, then you are an addict.  Most of the time, you’ll find yourself using it as a distraction from the stress of the day. In addition, you will find yourself making excuses for going online to look at your social media. Social media or the internet, in general, is one of the new addictions and has no medical cure.  However, a counselor can help you deal with this form of addiction.

3.     Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is probably the most common form of addiction in Australia. Some people use drugs such as marijuana, heroin, and cocaine for recreational purposes. However, there are others that take them too long such that they got themselves hooked. Their withdrawal symptoms are so strong that you cannot avoid taking the drug. The result could be depression, confusion, and issues with coordination.

4.     Sexual Addiction

Sexual addiction includes repetitive behaviors such as watching pornography, masturbation, Cybersex, prostitution, practicing unsafe sexual activities and having numerous partners. For instance, masturbation is one of the common sexual addiction among people of all ages. This form of addiction can result in low self-esteem and difficulties in socializing with others leading to depression. Additionally, one may lose relationships and develop loss of interest in non-sexual things. You need a counselor to stop this addiction.

5.     Gambling

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Many people fall in the trap of gambling addiction with the hope of achieving a ‘big win.’ However, with time it becomes a habit that is hard to break. You develop an extreme urge to always risk your money or property on the possible outcome of an event. Although there are no physical symptoms, gambling addiction will end up with financial struggles. Most gamblers especially those with family responsibilities will not reveal the amount lost until it’s too late. The consequences include psychological problems such as depression, sleep disorders and so on. Some severe cases result in suicides. If you cannot stop gambling, please seek help from a professional counselor.

6.     Prescription Drug Addiction

People battling chronic pain are given prescription drugs. Most of these drugs are usually for a short time use only. When prescription drugs such as painkiller are used for long, then it becomes a drug abuse. Your body develops an addiction that is hard to break. Therefore, check how you are taking prescription drugs to avoid addiction. If already in it, seek medical attention.

7.     Work Addiction

People addicted or workaholics to work find it as a significant and overriding any other activity in their day-to-day life. These individuals will achieve success in their work, but they are candidates to depression and other mental conditions. They are usually disconnected from the family and society leading to depression as they have no one to turn to. If you are workaholic or feeling that you are turning to one, seek professional counselling. You will learn how to balance social life and work.

If you have an addiction that you would like to stop, we are professionals in this field. Whether you need a medical approach or counselling, we have everything that you need to recover from addiction. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need help.