About our Mission

In this era where everyone seems equipped with the latest information technology, we feel like a first aid guide to understand our medical related questions should be answered fast. Our group aims to be of any help in this regard, focusing on sending full and reliable assistance to our elderly people. Consider this a health information hub and a local directory of the best doctors in South Australia and the nearby areas. Our family is growing and we hope to serve the whole country in the coming years.

Become a Volunteer

We aim to educate, to let them enjoy life even more!

We started as a group of individuals who all thought that being old would mean being slowly forgotten by the people around us. Although we know that this isn’t true, we still managed to put up a small organization that is medically inclined. With the purpose of helping the elderly community to reach out and have their health problems solve right away. We try to help anyone, in fact we have also released the ‘find me a doctor’ campaign since we are now in circles of doctors, nurses, and caregivers in the area. We also give referrals for health care and retirement living.

Our services focus on the following areas:

  • Health information (all clinical related topics)
  • Professional advice on addiction, alcoholism, etc.
  • Referrals to doctors that are near to you
  • Home health care referrals / retirement living

We love having medical professionals on board. If you have some free time and the desire to help the community, talk to us.


We Work for a Cause

Inspired by the government’s aim to spread health awareness and elderly people campaigns in the community, we are in full support of making it an easier access for everyone. It is time to give back to the community. And it’s never too late to give back the love to our elders.

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